We're responsible for what we have and do not have in life. If there's something you want that you don't have, you're actually resistant to it on a subconscious and energetic level. Similarly, if you have something in your life that you don't want, you've attracted it on a subconscious level. Though on the surface it may not seem logical, it is psychological because there is a logic to the psyche. Through metaphysical life coaching, you'll learn how to free yourself from resistances and old patterns, and align your energy with what you wish to attract and repel what you do not.

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My method combines traditional coaching with metaphysics. I start with your astrological makeup which clarifies your greatest strengths, weaknesses, karmic lessons, and a whole lot more. From there, we work on bringing your dreams down to earth to make them materialize. As an energy empath, I am sensitive to what energy blocks you have, and will work with you to release these patterns and maximize your auric field to attract the success you desire. This, combined with practical action, is the formula that leads to success.

Those I’ve worked with have exceeded their own expectations: Some have freed themselves from golden handcuffs to go into business successfully on their own; others have increased their bottom line beyond expectancy in record time; clients who had been looking for love have found it, and the coaches I coach have not only grown their practices, but our sessions have contributed to their clients' successes as well. 

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As your coach, I will be a first-rate friend and confidant; someone with whom you can discuss anything, as I am bound by confidentiality. You'll find I'm tough on you when you need it, and lighter when necessary; I am someone with whom you can harmoniously align - a dedicated champion who has a stake in your success. With me, you will find someone who "gets you," believes in you, and - due to my gifts and skills - is likely to perceive your potential better than anyone else. I am passionate about your success and have compassion for your plights, meeting you where you're at while inspiring your advancement. I am also a lot of fun, so if you like to laugh, your search for a coach might stop right here. Let's see if we're a match and get this show on the road! For more information, please fill out the form field below. 

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Joshua has been an invaluable aid to me over the past three years through both single readings and a month of life coaching. Joshua’s keen insight and ability to communicate help me understand what my options are and how my actions or mindset impact my ability to choose to exercise those options. In the year following my month of life coaching with Joshua, I’ve moved closer to my goals / desires on almost every level. I am visibly moving towards my desired career path, I’m in the best relationship I’ve ever known, and I found ways to make space in my life for the things I love and historically undervalued, not realizing that the were the very things that help me be my best self.
— NM