The Joshua Method offers coaches, small business owners, entrepreneurs and other thought leaders transformative life coaching in which the practical meets the spiritual. 


LIFE coaching

Do you absolutely KNOW that you have some really great magic within just dying to be unleashed? Or maybe you've gone far but want to take your success to the next level. Let's rock and roll.



When two or more minds come together, they create a third force, which may be likened to a third mind. By joining such an alliance, you’re able to absorb power from the storehouse of infinite intelligence.



Interested in learning astrology and/or tarot, or want to learn The Joshua Method to become a Practitioner? You will gain great knowledge which you can leverage to help others and yourself in the process. 

The Coach With Something Extra

As a professional psychic and astrologer for the past 20 years, I predict probabilities for clients. But because life is ruled by both fate AND freewill, the outcome of some situations cannot be foretold: the client has yet to make a decision that will lead to the desired result. That's why I started life coaching - to bridge the gap between my clients' goals and the choices they have to make to get there. Usually this involves changing their energies to be "reborn into" the desired outcome, which they achieve by virtue of like attracting like. 

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I began training as a psychic and astrologer at 17 years old. I had to learn to strengthen my energy in such a way that I could feel clients' energies without hurting myself. But even before then, I was very fascinated by why people do the things they do. While my friends were reading Boys Life magazine, I had a subscription to Psychology Today; when classmates were doing science presentations with balloons and baking soda, I persuaded my teachers to discuss with the class dream interpretation and hypnosis. At arcades when buddies were playing video games, I was using a machine to find out my astrological compatibility with actresses I liked. How cool is it that my weirdness has led me here, helping people understand themselves to make the changes that lead to their greatest happiness and potential. 

Though my clients tend to be other coaches, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and other thought leaders, the coaching I do isn't confined to just business - clients derive rewards and richness in any life area they want. With me as your coach, we will work together to manifest anything that will make your heart sing. That's the point of life! You are already happy, rich, in love, connected...whatever you want is already within you just waiting to be released.

Headquarterd in Los Angeles, I serve clients globally, either in person or via phone or Skype. All correspondences are completely confidential. Email or use the form below and we’ll discuss your needs.

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