People HIRE ME for myriad reasons: for more confidence, more money, to get published, to feel more secure, to land a better job, to find a life partner, to help with their transition, to achieve their huge goals, to learn metaphysics and to develop their spirituality. here's some specific ways I've helped others.


One of my clients wanted to write a book. Together, through Law of Attraction, I helped her align with her desire, i.e., the energy of finding the right agent and an esteemed publisher. Everything fell into place, and rather swiftly from her standpoint. Once she got the advance for her book, I helped her write it by providing accountability, feedback and edits for the chapters.


One of my actress clients in Los Angeles had given up on the entertainment industry. She was having to do her own readings, her own nails, her own facials, but invested in me to help her find her path. In one of our sessions, we did a tarot reading to see what new opportunities would be presented to her. I remember the cards: Four of Wands and Lust showed up, and I just knew that this was her big break. We worked together to get her confidence up, and align with this upcoming opportunity via Law of Attraction. Well, she passed the audition, and after the summer, she started shooting a TV series.


A client wanted to be happy, and that meant divorcing her husband. I helped her throughout the nearly two-year process. She had a demanding career schedule at the time, so we worked on creating a mental boundary between the case and her work life, so one wouldn't interfere with the other. Through astrology, I helped her pick the most advantageous court dates for her, and advised how she should handle interactions with him. I also helped compile questions for custody hearings, and revise declarations, her dissomaster and changes to the judgment. (By the time I was done, I felt I earned an honorary law degree!) Most important, I helped her keep her head on straight throughout the ordeal. She won custody of her child, and she and her ex are now successfully co-parenting.


One of my clients wanted to find love, but she was only experiencing "crushes," no actual relationships. Through helping her understand herself with astrology and helping clear her energy blocks, she found a great guy. They're now engaged and living happily together in Paris.


After not working for almost two years, a client was at a low point and didn't see an end in sight; in her words, I gave her "the motivation and the insight to keep pushing." After working with me, she focused on the things she wanted for her career, and opportunities began to materialize. She's now happily and gainfully employed, excited to be "out in the world" again.


Another client of mine was being handsomely compensated for a soul-sucking job. He wanted so bad to leave, but had become accustomed to his large salary and the lifestyle it afforded him. For over a year, I helped him navigate the difficult personalities in his office, and together we hatched a plan to start his own business. He didn't have to make any sacrifices to his lifestyle--he still lives in the same house and enjoys the same luxuries--except now he's afforded the greatest luxuries of all: more time to himself, happiness and peace of mind.


In the year following my life coaching with Joshua, I’ve moved closer to my goals / desires on almost every level. I am visibly moving towards my desired career path, I’m in the best relationship I’ve ever known, and I found ways to make space in my life for the things I love and historically undervalued, not realizing that the were the very things that help me be my best self.
— NM
He is truly talented, and makes me feel comfortable and safe almost immediately.
— MM
I am not saying that my life is now perfect but it is much better because I have worked on opening myself up to the opportunity to grow and become the person that I am destined to be.
— JC
[Joshua] can also read you and tap into other people that you ask about without using any tools—just from you simply saying their name! If you mention someone’s name, he oftentimes proceeds to describe their personality and some of what their own issues are. In this way he’s able to give you insight into your relationship/interactions with them and advise you on how you should proceed with that person.
— IR
He is incredibly insightful about relationships and can help propel you into your TRUE life’s calling. With Josh by your side your career can flourish and your heart will soar.
— BR
Joshua helped me gain more confidence of myself as well as my life overall. I find him to be a kind and really fun person to talk with — he made me laugh a whole bunch!
— KP
I cannot reiterate how amazing his skills are. He is worth the money and I will definitely go back to him again......Just superb.
— CN
He gave me the guidance I needed to come up with a plan to change my life and when you have a sense of purpose it changes your entire outlook on life. He’s amazing and I highly recommend him, it will be money well spent.
— KH
His logically evolved mind and his psychic ability to deeply understand events and people, make him the perfect guide for anyone, from a professional businessman who needs advice on making cutting edge deals to a someone who needs guidance in his/her personal life. I’ve known Joshua for more than 3 years and I trust him with my life, and with my key decisions, with my most intimate moments — he guides me through them, and not only that but pushes me to learn from these situations and become a stronger person. Ultimately, he taught me to overcome various situations and to recognize patterns, so that if they come up again, I am able to recognize them and not repeat any past mistakes. This is a very rare and unique gift. He always looks out for his clients’ best interests, and pushes one to be his/her most evolved self. I’ve been a part of this program and I can attest to its transformational power to free the potential within the individual — to achieve new heights and goals, whether they are professional or personal. In only a month working together — I have seen tremendous improvement, more strength, clarity in my daily life, and renewed sense of self and better strategy to attack my goals. Without Joshua I could not have done it. And I am certain if you give him a chance to help you — he will justify your trust.
— AP