Coaches: Help Your Clients Under Venus' Retrograde

All planets except for the sun and the moon (honorary planets in astrology) go "retrograde." This is actually a great opportunity in our perfect universe: We're given the chance to turn inward under a retrograde -- to re-assess, re-do, re-consider -- anything with the "re" prefix, actually. Many have heard of Mercury Retrograde, when the planet of communication slows down, appearing to go backwards from our standpoint here on earth. You'll be happy to know that Venus' Retrograde (March 4-April 15) tends to be a lot gentler than Mercury's, and can be leveraged for more love and money -- Venus' two primary concerns.

The two sides of Venus are epitomized by the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. Taurus, which rules the Second House of Value, is its money aspect; Libra, which rules the Seventh House of Partnerships, relates to love. When Venus is retrograde, we are given an opportunity to examine how we employ Venusian energy in our lives, and upon its direct motion, make changes where we see fit. 

Taurus Venus calls into question our internal goings-on -- our sense of self-worth, stability and sensuality. Areas of consideration include: Am I being valued? Being paid what I'm worth? Enjoying all my senses? Libra Venus makes us reconsider those things that are more external -- our aesthetic sensibilities, relationships and attractiveness, e.g., What do I find attractive? Are my relations balanced and harmonious? Do I look and feel beautiful? By having your clients consider the aforementioned, they will poised to reap more of Venus' rewards upon its direct motion (April 15). 

While Venus is retrograde, it's not the best time for your clients to move forward in Venusian areas: Buying luxury items, changing jobs, changing one's look via plastic surgery or injections, moving forward in relationships etc., are not advised. Venus energy is somewhat "asleep" or sublimated during this time, which makes this transit ideal for review. Once your clients are clearer on what they value, how they're valued, what they love, and how they're loved, they'll be at an advantage to make changes to live life more abundantly -- and of course so will you.