Happy Pisces New Moon / St. Patrick's Day Horoscopes!


Top o' the mornin' or evenin' to ya! We have a very special New Moon in Pisces today, one that will wash away the previous astrological year and get us ready for a fresh start in Spring!

The New Moon's close alignment with Chiron, the wounded healer, makes healing a theme. Mars' trine to Uranus and its square to the New Moon can provide a clean break from the past, and launch us into a more feel-good state -- the basis of which can create a new reality. Use this New Moon to give your life a new storyline! To see how this New Moon will affect your "lucky stars," check out your sign and/or rising sign below!

ARIES: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your 12th House of the Subconscious. Since in life we get what we subconscious are by virtue of like attracting like, use the next month to adapt your belief systems to your desires. What do you want to experience this spring? More love? Money? Vitality? Visualize yourself having already achieved your aim, note how it feels, then take action from this stance. Your subconscious is very open now to your suggestions! Saturday night, your ruling planet Mars will join Saturn and Pluto in the career sector of your chart until May 16. You will be given extra energy to put toward your professional aims. Consider what goals you want to achieve by summertime, use the New Moon to convince your subconscious that it's happening, and take action! 

TAURUS: The New Moon transits your 11th House of Hopes, Wishes and Friends. Because you're so practical and grounded, sometimes you don't allow yourself to "think big." This new moon will give you a permission slip to think, "Why not?" Why shouldn't you have whatever makes you happy? You're worth it. Whatever gets you excited is a big hint to what you're supposed to do. Your friends and community can be very helpful in reaching your goals; you'll be able to gain much from your tribe (or find a new one) under this new moon. With Pluto, Saturn and Mars in earthy Capricorn, hitting your Ninth House of Expansion, you have the power, discipline and gung-ho to make this a banner year! Keep in mind the maxim "change is stability." 

GEMINI: The New Moon in Pisces will be hitting your 10th House of Career/Status, making now the time to move toward your short-term professional goals. What do you love to do and what do you do best? Career jumps are likely over the next month, as is leveling up in the career you're already in. Saturday night, action hero Mars joins Pluto and Saturn in your 8th House of Rebirth. It's likely you'll be fired up about what you want in your life and what you want out! With Mercury's Retrograde on March 22, though, make sure you've been leading up to the changes you want to make i.e., that they're not suddenly coming up "out of the blue." With your ruling planet, Mercury, and Venus in a supportive sextile to your Sun, what's logical and feels right should be clear. 

CANCER: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your 9th House of Expansion. Over the next month, you'll find opportunities to expand in whichever areas you like. Do you want to make a big move? Travel more? Take a class and expand your knowledge? With Saturn, Pluto and soon Mars in your 7th House of Partnerships, a partner-in-crime may be helpful in your expansion. Your partnerships, however, will be going through a testing period. If your partner is going through a rough patch or is more feisty over the coming weeks, try not to take it personally. Still, the name of your game over the next month is expansion, so don't play small for the sake of your partner or make allowances that jeopardize your growth. Relationships should make you stronger and help you be all that you can be.

LEO: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your 8th House of Rebirth, which means changes are on the horizon. Over the next month, there's likely to be transitions -- some that just happen and some that you initiate. Trust this metamorphosis and go with the flow. With Uranus, Mercury and Venus in fellow fire sign Aries, you're poised to experience more excitement and joy. On Saturday, as Mars joins Saturn and Pluto in your 6th House of Daily Activities, you may find a new start easier by throwing yourself into work or a new daily practice. Thus, this is a great time to find a new job, make strides on projects, and start a new exercise regimen. The "new you" you're becoming needs a new routine, supportive of the self you want to become. 

VIRGO: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your 7th House of Partnerships. This is a great time to deepen the connections you have, and create new ones both personally and professionally. On Saturday, when Mars joins Saturn and Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn, you'll start taking your fun seriously with your 5th House of Pleasure all lit up. Between these 7th and 5th House transits, love and romance is in the air! Finding love or deepening the love you have is supported. As the Sun moves into your 8th House of Rebirth on March 20, you'll want to release any outmoded beliefs, situations, and people. The next 33 days is likely to be a cathartic time that is simultaneously fun and exciting. Join forces with the right people and make magic happen! 

LIBRA: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your 6th House of Health and Work, making this a great time to create a new day-to-day life for spring. Do you want a new job or project? Desire to level-up your fitness regimen? This is the month to do it! Think about what excites you, and let this inform how you should spend your days. On Saturday night, Mars joins Pluto and Capricorn in your 4th House of Home and Family. Home improvements may be underway, or you may even start the process of searching for a new living space. If it's not your physical home that's getting better, it could be your emotional space: Perhaps it's time to burn away anything that's undermining your sense of internal security, or start new self-care program that gives you an unparalleled sense of peace, like yoga, exercise or meditation. Under this influence, you may be inclined to "save the day" for a family member or friend. Being the hero/heroine, if you have the wherewithal to do so, may give you the "warm and fuzzies" inside, a great way to experience this transit.   

SCORPIO: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your 5th House of Fun and Pleasure! If you've been "all work and no play" lately, this is the new moon to get your priorities straight! The 5th House rules over anything you really love -- recreation, romance, your children and creative projects. What will give you your greatest sense of joy, Scorpio? What really excites you? This is the month to go all out! On Saturday night, Mars will join Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, lighting up your 3rd House of Communication. You may want to start/restart a writing project, take a class, or just get more social. You're likely to be in high demand, so make sure you know how you want to spend your days before your calendar gets hijacked. This new communications cycle you're entering is also great for making new connections, dating, and exploring new places and ideas with your partner (or a new one). You'll also be in a really good space to express how you feel and what will make you happy -- just make sure you do so diplomatically, which is not always easy with warrior Mars in your 3rd House!.

SAGITTARIUS: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your 4th House of Home and Family. This is a great time to make sure your abode feel as comfy and cozy as possible. This could mean moving, or enjoying a Bed, Bath & Beyond shopping spree! It's what the home represents that is most important during this transit: Are you feeling emotionally secure? Perhaps upleveling your self-care is in order, and you wish to invest in a better diet, weekly massages or some other self-care regimen. You may also want to use this transit to spend more time with friends and family as to feel more connected. Sometimes, too, what makes us feel more secure is a financial cushion, and with Mars joining Saturn and Pluto in your 2nd House of Money, you'll have the drive to reach your financial goals. Be careful, though -- Mars in the 2nd House can also burn a hole in your pocket! If you already have a surplus, by all means spend away but making yourself feel more secure is the best use of this transit -- responsibility is freedom. 

CAPRICORN: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your 3rd House of Communication. Your day-to-day goings-on are likely to change over the next month, casting the dice to improve your social life and daily interactions. The Third House doesn't rule "friends," per say, but more so acquaintances. Taking a class or enjoying a new activity may be a great way to meet new people while taking up a subject or hobby. Meanwhile, on Saturday night, you'll have Mars joining Pluto and Saturn in your sign until May 16. With Mars in your sign, you will have ample energy to put toward whatever you want -- a perfect way to start spring! On March 22, Mercury goes retrograde, though, so it's best to move forward with initiatives that have been germinating for awhile. Mars in your sign gives you extra energy and courage; just make sure you're not being too fiery and aggressive! Starting a new workout regimen may help you leverage the Mars energy and channel it toward your goals most effectively. 

AQUARIUS: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your Second House of Finance. New financial opportunities are likely to come your way over the next month. Just remember to keep top of mind the "best case scenarios" and how careers are often made on "no's" not "yes's". Nevertheless, on Saturday night Mars will join Saturn and Pluto in your 12th House of Sacrifice, so you may serve yourself well by taking a supporting or background role in helping others; now's not the best time to promote your own agenda. Your imagination and intuition will be off the charts, so make room in your life for creativity. Also, use Mars' energy to destroy any negative beliefs or thought patterns that may be in the way of your growth; in order to do something, you have to first believe that you can do it! This transit is gearing you up for when Mars enters your sign on May 16 -- you'll be busy-busy then, so take the time out now while you can!

PISCES: This is YOUR new moon, Pisces, as it's transiting your First House of Identity! You'll have a great opportunity to reinvent yourself and any area of your life. When mapping out your ideals, remember to think big: Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune, is in compatible Scorpio, ready to offer blessings to your endeavors. Meanwhile, on Saturday night Mars joins up with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, hitting your 11th House of Hopes, Dreams, and Friends, further emphasizing this "think big" theme. Additionally, the 11th House rules "like-minded people" -- those you'll find in groups and friendships, so if you're looking to find or expand your tribe, now's the time! Your community and friends can give you a lot of collective energy and support -- not to mention the actual connections that on a practical level can help make your greatest hopes and dreams come true.