Eclipse Wisdom: Upgrades For Your Sign

On January 31 and Feb. 15, we will have a Lunar and Solar Eclipse, respectively. Eclipses are meant to help us evolve, and therefore may mark major turning points in our lives. To see what areas of your life may be affected by the eclipses, and how you can use them to upgrade your life, read your sign and/or rising sign below.

ARIES: Axis of Self-Expression and Hopes, Dreams & Like-Minded People.The eclipses will transit your 5th/11th Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°).Your authentic, joyful self-expression is the best way you can serve humanity; this authentic path of childlike freedom is the most direct route to happiness. Over the next two weeks, ask yourself what makes you happy, and how this correlates to your greatest hopes, wishes and dreams. Further, let your self-expression serve the masses or your community.

TAURUS: Axis of Emotional Self-Trust and Achievement/Honors. The eclipses will transit your 4th/11th Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). The more at-home within the self you feel, the higher you can climb. It is through your emotional self-trust that others will trust you, which leads to high status. Over the next two weeks, distance yourself from anything that makes you feel uneasy. Focus on what makes you feel good and develop within a sense of peace and calm; then advance toward your short-term goals.

GEMINI: Axis of Learning and Expansion. The eclipses will transit your 3rd/9th Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). It’s through learning and processing information that we develop our beliefs and “big-picture” world-view. Over the next two weeks, develop more positive self-talk to feed your subconscious and support your aspirations. Further, investigate realms that you find interesting — take a class, read, learn, write, teach — and allow the information to inform yours and others’ ideologies for better understanding.

CANCER: Axis of Security and Rebirth. The eclipses will transit your 2nd/8th Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). In life, we’re constantly asked to decide what is worth holding on to and what needs to be released. Over the next two weeks, consider your values — what makes you feel good about yourself — and consider dropping that which undermines your self-worth. Note that sometimes your values and priorities in life change — that they mustchange — in order to reach higher plateaus of happiness.

LEO: Axis of Self-Identity and Partnerships. The eclipses will transit your 1st/7th Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). Knowing who you truly are — which is akin to who you want to become — is what life is all about; yet, it is through our partnerships that we define who we are through relation and differentiation. Over the next two weeks, consider how your true self can be expressed through your partnerships. Shining fully in your life should light up your partners’ hearts and empower your relationships.

VIRGO: Axis of Self-Undoing and Lifestyle. The eclipses will transit your 12th/6th Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). Spirituality allows your spirit to be free, and it’s your practical day-to-day “systems” that support or hinder the freedom of your spirit. Over the next two weeks, consider what makes your spirit soar, then consider your lifestyle: Does your daily schedule support alignment with your inner being? What needs to be dismissed from your day-to-day to be more in-sync with your highest, happiest self?

LIBRA: Axis of Hopes, Dreams & Like-Minded People and Self-Expression.The eclipses will transit your 11th/5th Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°).Attaining our greatest hopes, dreams and wishes are what will benefit humanity the most. The path to your greatest future and impact can only be achieved through your most authentic self-expression. Over the next two weeks, consider your greatest hopes and dreams; express yourself and share yourself with your world and community to achieve your goals.

SCORPIO: Axis of Achievement/Honors and Emotional Self-Trust. The eclipses will transit your 10th/4th Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). The pinnacle of your success and your legacy should correlate to your private, innermost self. Consider the view from the proverbial “top”: When you look down, can you see how your past created the opportunity for your accomplishments? Over the next two weeks, think about what you can achieve — that you would not be able to achieve — had it not been for your past.

SAGITTARIUS: Axis of Expansion and Communication. The eclipses will transit your 9th/3rd Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). In order to keep happy, we must continuously expand, vibrationally “keeping up with” our aspirations. To do this we must teach what we’ve learned (another way of “emptying our cup”) and learn new things. Over the next two weeks, consider what you can contribute to the energy stream, and what you need to learn in order to grow and keep up with your evolving desires.

CAPRICORN: Axis of Rebirth and Security. The eclipses will transit your 8th/2nd Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). In order to grow, we must release that which we’ve outgrown, while at the same time holding onto that which provides sustenance. Over the next two weeks, consider what makes you feel drained, tired, and frustrated, versus what makes you feel nourished, secure and stable. If you feel the two are the same, make adjustments from a place of more worthiness — have your cake and eat it too.

AQUARIUS: Axis of Partnerships and Self-Identity. The eclipses will transit your 7th/1st Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). Without others, you are not able to be you, as it is through our relations with others that we define ourselves. Over the next two weeks, devote yourself more fully to the partners in your life, giving them the gift of your unique personality. In honoring your partners and caring for them more, you will more fully discover who you are, and realize what new beginnings will be best for you.

PISCES: Axis of Lifestyle and Self-Undoing. The eclipses will transit your 6th/12th Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). The body does not lie; how you feel physically informs what’s going on with you spiritually. Likewise, the tone of your day-to-day can contribute to your mood. Over the next two weeks, check in with your body and your emotional “set point.” What might you add or subtract to feel as perfect as possible? Remove the pebble from your shoe, as opposed to learning to limp comfortably.