Make Mercury Retrograde Your Bitch: 12 Tips To Thrive Under the Retrograde


It’s that time of the year again, folks! Mercury, the planet of communication, will slow down from March 5–28 and appear from our standpoint here on earth to be going backwards. During this transit, communications tend to suffer, making Mercury Retrograde famous for unexpected snafus, computer and technology glitches, heavier traffic, mix-ups and misunderstandings. But it’s a perfect universe, remember, so there’s even a point to Mercury Retrograde! Really, it forces us to slow down which can be very beneficial in the grand scheme of things. To make the most of the transit, do anything that starts with the prefix “re,” Latin for “again” or “back.” Here’s ten great “re” things to do to not just survive but thrive under Mercury Retrograde.

  1. Reconvene. Since new projects probably won’t turn out that hot, it’s best during Mercury Retrograde to just keep working on what you already have on your plate. And if you’re all caught up and have time to twiddle your thumbs (yeah, right!) great, as resting is a fantastic use of the cycle.

  2. Reconnect. Though it’s not ideal to start a new relationship under the retrograde, it’s a good time to reconnect with people from your past (depending on the person). Because from our standpoint Mercury is going in reverse motion, you can usually pick up right where you had left off, and your past relationship is more easily revitalized.

  3. Reconsider. Since communication is slowing down under the retrograde, it’s a good time to look at your plans and make sure they make sense. Sometimes we come up with an idea and implement it without giving it proper consideration. Look at the moves you’re planning to make, and think through them carefully.

  4. Return. Since new places we visit under the retrograde can turn out to be not what we had expected, returning to where you’ve been before usually bodes better. If you have to take someone important out to dinner, for instance, or you’re not sure which hotel to choose, return to one you had been to before.

  5. Revise. Don’t start a new project; instead, revise an old one. We all have stuff we’ve started before that could use some fine-tuning, and Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to rework old material. Dust off that old manuscript, proposal, or presentation and revise it now to make it better.

  6. Research. With communication slowed down, you are likely to find information that you had not been able to find before! Whether you love delineating your family tree, need source information for a project, or want to plan out a trip, Merc Retro will make your research revolutionary!

  7. Reschedule. If there’s anything important but not time sensitive, why not reschedule? This is most important regarding the signing of contracts or important events like weddings.

  8. Reword. It’s extremely easy for things to be taken out of context under retrograde, and mountains can be made out of molehills. Though being straight-forward (read: cut-throat) may give you momentary satisfaction, make diplomacy your watchword under the retrograde, and you’ll stay out of trouble.

  9. Replay. One of the coolest things to do under the retrograde is to fall in love again with songs, movies and TV shows you had forgotten about. You’ll find a new appreciation for these old things, discover new interpretations, and notice how your tastes have changed.

  10. Remember. Mercury Retrograde often brings us old lessons disguised in a different way, helping us to see how far we’ve come or what we have to learn — again. When it comes to any challenges, conflicts or even just things you care deeply about, remember your mis-steps before. Don’t berate yourself, but take measures to ensure you don’t do what you swore you’d never do again.

  11. Reflect. With communications slowed down, the retrograde is a great time to reflect on your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and actions to ensure they match up with what you want in your life. A little bit of soul searching could make a big difference.

  12. Reaffirm. Though it’s not great to start new projects and relationships under the retrograde, reaffirming your commitments is a good idea. Look at your goals and reaffirm your commitment to them. And the people you care about, make sure to reaffirm your love for them. You never want to leave the important people in your life guessing how much they mean to you.

A Technique To Change Limiting Beliefs


When the conscious and subconscious are aligned, life works out quite well. Should there be a discrepancy between what we consciously want and what we subconsciously believe we can have, however, there’s strife and frustration. All battles are within ourselves, though we tend to think it’s external people, places and things that create our conditions. Thus, it’s important to consciously give our subconscious mind directives that coincide with our wishes, for only what we believe can we achieve. 

For instance, say it’s 4am and you want a hot fudge sundae. If you believe, consciously or subconsciously, that no grocery store or place that serves ice cream is open (“it’s 4 in the morning!”) —then no sundae for you. But if you consider that someplace, somewhere there’s a grocery store or restaurant that’s open 24 hours, you’ll be licking whipped cream off your lips in no time. You can definitely have an ice cream sundae whenever you want. But if you don’t believe you can, you won’t. It’s the belief that you can have what you want that gets you what you want. 

You can determine your beliefs about anything by gauging how you feel, as whatever you feel is the result of a belief. If you’re feeling bad about something, it’s because you have a belief that’s creating a negative interpretation of your experience. (All circumstances are inherently neutral.) If something is bothering you, ask yourself, “What must I believe in order to feel this way?” For instance, say you ask someone out, they reject you and you feel sad. Since all circumstances are neutral, there’s lots of ways you could interpret the rejection (e.g., the other person has no taste, they have extremely low self-worth, higher powers were protecting you from harm, etc.). But the fact that you feel bad about the rejection, shows that you have a negative belief. Perhaps you believe you were rejected because you’re not good looking/rich/dynamic enough, and that’s what’s making you feel bad. Or maybe you believe that you’ll never find love, and that’s what’s saddening you. To feel better and find love (or whatever you want) you have to change the belief that’s causing you to assign negative meaning to the situation. In creating a belief that allows you to positively interpret the situation, you’ll feel better, thus creating the atmosphere for a better outcome in the future. To change a belief, follow this process:

1. Isolate the negative belief. Determine what you must believe in order to feel bad.

2. Surrender to the belief. All truths are true to those who believe them. Thus, every belief—on its own merit—is true. Say, for instance, the belief is that you’re not good enough. From the perspective of that belief, it’s true. Surrender to that belief. “You win, belief. From your perspective, I am not good enough and that’s 100% true.” In admitting defeat to the belief, you are no longer involved in the push-pull between what you believe and what you don’t want to believe. Since what you resist persists, in admitting defeat to the belief, you stop this push-pull pattern; you no longer resist it, so it no longer persists.

3. Instill a new belief. Having isolated and surrendered to the old belief, you’re free to consider a new one e.g., “I am good enough.” Since beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking, keep thinking the belief. See it written in your brain. You can use affirmations to instill the new belief (e.g., “I am good enough”) or, even better, do “afformations.” Afformations are when you ask yourself a question (“Why am I good enough?”). In asking yourself a question, the subconscious acts like Google, searching for the answer. Sink into the question and allow it to process and percolate. Consider how you would feel with the new belief in place (e.g., amazing, confident, self-assured, high on life, unstoppable) and practice these feelings to get comfortable with them. Keep feeding the subconscious the new belief and your subconscious will say, “Well, I keep hearing it, so it must be true,” and it will adopt the new belief as dominant. It’s a matter of getting new “tapes” to play in your head. You’re not getting rid of the old belief—you’re just crowding it out with a dominant new one. You can just ignore any old beliefs and they’ll fade away.

4. Commit to action. Motion creates the self, so you must take action from the perspective of having the new belief. Ask yourself, “What would someone with this belief do?” Consider how they’d carry themselves, how they’d write an email, how they’d go after what they want etc. In taking action from the standpoint of the new belief, life changes around you. Even if the action you take doesn't directly create the result you desire, it doesn't matter: Action creates the self. You're taking action to prove your belief to yourself and the universe, and to create the vibrational atmosphere for what you want to manifest. The universe will yield to you in the most compatible way your desire, you just have to believe. First you create your beliefs, and then your beliefs create you. Create the new belief, trust in the new belief, and act like you trust the new belief, taking action from your new awareness and perspective.

The Astrology of Martin Luther King Jr.


Today we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Here’s a few details about his astrological chart to help us appreciate him even more.

  1. Sun in Capricorn. It’s no surprise that the sun was in the steely, strong sign of Capricorn on the day of Dr. King’s birth. Capricorns come from the “School of Hard Knocks” — their early life experiences teach them that “life is tough” and “nothing good comes easy.” As a result, Capricorns are not afraid of hard work, not deterred when the odds are stacked against them, and not likely to back down in the face of adversity. They are touted as the most responsible of all the zodiac signs, and their hard-earned confidence results in respect from others which allows them to lead.

  2. Mercury in Aquarius. Mercury, which governs how we think, in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius is also fitting for Dr. King. Aquarius is an intelligent, inspirational sign ahead of its time. With Mercury in Aquarius, King’s communications offered hope, inspiration and direction for a better world. He knew how important it was to inspire the masses, and had the wisdom to know that during our darkest times, we can most clearly see what we need. He once said, “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”

  3. Venus in Pisces. Venus, how we love, is “exalted” in Pisces — it’s love in its highest form. Unconditional love, universal love are tell-tales of this placement. Natives view love in ways that go beyond the call of duty, often sacrificing beyond what most of us are capable. Pisces is about bringing all things together into one, reminiscent of the “Black and white together” lyric in the Civil Rights’ anthem “We Shall Overcome.” Pisces also rules dreams — the actual dreams we have when we sleep as well as our ideals, recalling Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

  4. Moon in Pisces. The Moon represents our instinctual reactions; in the sign of Pisces, the moon is extremely sensitive to others’ pain — even the pain of the world. Pisces moon people often endure great pain yet carry on with deep faith. It makes sense that one of Dr. King’s favorite gospel songs was “Take My Hand, Precious Lord,” as it was likely his connection to his higher power that empowered him to make such an impact. Pisces is also a sign of sacrifice, and King ultimately he sacrificed his life for the betterment of the world.

  5. Chiron in the Third House. Chiron pertains to the woundedness we come into the world with to help us achieve our purpose, and the Third House has to do with early education. It’s been said when his white friends were made to attend a different elementary school, their parents no longer allowed King to come over and play. This likely pained King, leaving an imprint on him that fueled his fight against segregation. Here, we see how a wound is where “the light can shine through” and inspire greatness and achievement.

Love You Like That - New Moon in Libra

love 3.jpeg

But what’s “that?!” How do you want to be loved? That’s the jackpot question this Libra New Moon, and what you’re likely to discover during Venus Retrograde (Oct. 6-Nov. 16). In figuring this out, you’ll find your bliss.

Partnership is balance to Libra, and during Libra season, we need partners to balance ourselves. Not just romantic ones, but all kinds: your best friend, business partner, your “audience” in the world and others whom you support and support you. On this New Moon and its two-week waxing period, you can start attracting whomever and whatever you need to balance your life.

The first step to getting what you want is knowing what you want. Over the past two weeks, since the Full Moon in Aries, we may have become very clear on what we don’t want — what we won’t stand for — and may have drawn lines in the sand: i.e., “This is not me. This is not what I want in my life.” You may have decided to distance yourself from a job, relationship, or lifestyle habit you no longer prefer. It’s this process of knowing what you don’t want that helps determine what you do want. Now it’s a matter of further clarifying your vision of what you want, and aligning with it. To align with it, feel the way you would feel if you were experiencing your ideal reality now; then, by virtue of like attracting like, you sync up with it in your life.

With Pluto making a challenging square to the luminaries, we may find ourselves reverting back to the “scene of the crime,” or regressing back to what we find familiar but not desirable. (This can also happen under Venus Retrograde.) Pluto brings up old shit, and with its aspects to the sun and moon this New Moon, we’ll have to double-down on what we SAY we want. We’ll have to face our old beliefs and fight the fears that hold us back from the rebirth and regeneration that Pluto can bring. This is not always easy, since it involves letting that old part of ourselves die and becoming acclimated to a new version— it’s like a metaphorical death, making the familiar unfamiliar and the unfamiliar familiar.

With Neptune quincunxing the luminaries, we’re tasked with adjusting the pictures we make in our heads. We’re given an opportunity to imagine the new story. Visualization, therefore, is a great tool to use over the next two weeks, and its power lies in emotion: Emotion is what the universe responds to; so don’t just visualize what you want, conjure up the emotions of having what you want. Consistently return to the emotions you want to experience to adjust to the “new normal” that you desire. In doing so, your energetic field will be able to broadcast to the universe the energy you want to attract. Essentially, we have to be disciplined and judicious about the thoughts we think that lead to the emotions we feel.

As mentioned, adding to the discovery and adjustment this new moon is Venus, which is retrograde until Nov. 16. Because the planet of love from our perspective appears to have slowed down, it’s the perfect opportunity to get clear on how you love and how you want to be loved. If someone were to say to you, “I can love you like that,” what would “that” mean? How do you want to be loved? That’s the question you’ll get clear on during Venus’ 40-day transit. And with knowledge of how you want to be loved, you’ll have a better chance of attracting it into your experience.

And it’s not just how you want to be loved you’ll discover this Venus Retrograde, but also how you want to be valued, as Venus rules not just love, but money, too. In its financial respect, Venus Retrograde will help you determine how you want to experience money in your life. How you get paid, what you get paid for, and how much you get paid are called into reflection. Adding value and making money is an energy exchange. Are you expressing your talents in a way that adds as much value to the universe as you can? How might you express yourself better and add more value to the world, which will result in more money in your pocket? With Venus Retrograde, you’ll have a chance to better understand your relationship with money, and how you can allow it to circulate in your life most abundantly.

To sum up:

  • The Full Moon in Aries’ waning period (September 24-Oct. 7) likely made clear what you do not want; ideally, you’ve let go of attachments to what you don’t want over the past two weeks. Or at least distanced yourself from what’s no longer serving you.

  • Today’s (Oct. 8, 2018) New Moon in Libra is about partnerships, and attracting the right ones into your life.

  • Pluto strongly aspected may bring up old shit — we may revert back to old scenarios we said we don’t want. Pluto can also help us to detach from the old self and create a new one — i.e., help us double-down on what we DO want, and transform our emotional energy to match our preferences.

  • Neptune strongly aspected gives us an opportunity to use our imagination and visualization to get acquainted with the emotion of having what is desired. We will need to get acquainted and acclimated with these new emotions, so that they dominate and push out less desirable ones, thus changing our self-image, emotional body and point of attraction.

  • Venus Retrograde (Oct. 6-Nov. 16) is an opportunity to discover how exactly we want to be loved and valued. By its end, we should all be more clear on how we want to be loved and valued i.e., how we want to experience love and money in our lives.

  • Use this New Moon in Libra to align with your desires, and attract them into your life over the next six months.

To find out which area of your chart will be activated by the New Moon in Libra, check to see where 15 degrees of Libra falls in your astrological chart. Likewise, read your sign and/or rising sign below.

ARIES: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 7th House of Partnerships. This will open up a six-month window of opportunity to strengthen the partnerships you’re in, and also find other ones that make you even stronger. With Venus retrograding through your 8th House this month, people from the past may show up with whom you can join resources to better your life experience. During this period as well, you may get a better idea of your internal makeup, which will allow you to experience deeper intimacy with others. Others in your life will help you now more than ever — it’s just a matter of choosing the ones that benefit your expansion, transformation and ideals.

TAURUS: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 6th House of Lifestyle, which encompasses health and work. Feeling as perfect as possible is the goal, so it’s a great time to start a new habit, project or wellness practice. With Venus retrograding through your 7th House of Partnerships this month, October is a time of discovering what you actually need from the partners in your life. Old partnerships from the past may show up; just ensure their effect on you is empowering, should they score a regular role in your life. Create your ideal reality this month by visualizing your ideal lifestyle: What are you doing every day, who are you doing it with, and how does your body feel?

GEMINI: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 5th House of Pleasure, activating things you really love, like romance, your children if you have any, and creative projects. This six-month cycle will help you think less and live more! What do you really love to do, and how can you incorporate these into your daily life to experience joy all the time? Retrograde Venus this month will be transiting your 6th House of Lifestyle, helping you discover how you can best live life on a day-to-day basis. It’s a great time to consider your eating habits, exercise regimen, sleep schedule, the work you do and who you do it for — what day-to-day lifestyle do you need to experience everyday joy?

CANCER: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 4th House of Emotional Security — this pertains to whatever makes you feel warm, safe, secure and nurtured, like your home or family. Over the next six months, you’ll have an opportunity to feel more emotionally secure than ever — so use the next two weeks for extra self-care, getting in touch with your feelings and needs. Retrograde Venus will transit your 5th House of Pleasure, so over this month old flames may return. This month, too, you may discover what you love to do, and how you can experience more joy. Focus on feeling good and doing things you love, expressing the joy and splendor of your inner kid.

LEO: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 3rd House of Communications. You have great mental prowess that will help you develop a great rapport with others during this time. Over the next two weeks is an ideal time to learn something new, start game-changing conversations, and develop the plans you need to succeed. Retrograde Venus will be transiting your 4th House this month, which is all about feeling really cozy and secure. During this time, you may come to understand what you need to feel as perfect as possible; this may mean connecting more with friends and family, to reconsidering your living conditions to create the perfect castle for yourself (e.g., redecorate or move).

VIRGO: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 2nd House of Self-Worth and Finance. The New Moon will allow you to align with higher self-worth and more prosperity over the next six months. Take extra good care of your body and feel really good, and move forward with financially lucrative endeavors. Retrograde Venus will be transiting your 3rd House of Communications, so any correspondences you have made previously may now serve you well. This month, you’ll get a better understanding of how you want your day-to-day environment to feel. You may also realize what you want to learn more of, to excite your mind and fulfill your life purpose.

LIBRA: Happy Birthday, Libra! The New Moon in Libra will transit your 1st House of Identity! This is a huge opportunity to decide who you want to be and what reality you wish to experience. Get in touch with what excites you, as this is your higher mind leading you to your purpose and happiness. Consider your ideal personality, and cultivate new beliefs based on that version of yourself — i.e., what would that new version of you believe? This month, Retrograde Venus is transiting your 2nd House of Self-Worth/Finance. Understand the full extent of your value this month, as the reality you experience is testament of what you believe about yourself, what you believe is possible, and what you’ll allow. For more abundance, express your voice and speak up for yourself. Also make sure you’re enjoying all your senses.

SCORPIO: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 12th House of the Subconscious, giving you two weeks to exchange self-limiting beliefs for empowering ones. For the next 14 days, take time to nest and rest. With less noise around you, you can meditate, visualize, and plant the seeds in your subconscious which will sprout when the sun enters your sign. 1.) Decide who you want to be. 2.) Acquaint your subconscious with the new you. 3.) Act like the new you — motion creates the self. Retrograde Venus is transiting your 1st House of Identity, helping you refashion your personality and how you present — create the version of yourself that knocks your socks off!

SAGITTARIUS: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 11th House of Hopes, Friends and Community. Ask yourself, “Why not?” Why shouldn’t you get whatever you want? The sky is the limit. You’ll find over the next six months how friends and community can give you the ideas and inspiration to make your dreams a reality. Go out, connect and share with others…to a certain extent: Retrograde Venus will be transiting your 12th House of the Subconscious, giving you the opportunity to self-reflect and decide which beliefs are serving you and which are not. Do some soul searching to make sure your beliefs are aligned with the greatest version of yourself you can be.

CAPRICORN: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 10th House of Status. A great time to develop your business goals and strategy, this is the New Moon to forge ahead to the top of the mountain! You’re likely to be called upon for responsibility this month, so take good care of yourself so you can bring your A-game. Meanwhile, Retrograde Venus will be transiting through your 11th House of Hopes, Dreams and Friends this month, giving you an opportunity to take a closer look at these areas: Have your dreams changed? Is an old dream calling you back? Same with friends: You may find some friends aren’t worth your time, while some amigos — past and present — deserve more of you!

AQUARIUS: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 9th House of Expansion. You may have itchy feet, ready to explore new realms. Use the energy of the new moon to move beyond what you know. Perhaps book a trip to another part of the world, or disseminate your knowledge by publishing, broadcasting or teaching, so you have space to learn more! Meanwhile, Retrograde Venus is transiting your 10th House of Status, so it’ll be important to re-examine what you want to be known for, and what kind of mark you want to leave on the world. Professional opportunities from the past may pop up — choose carefully, as careers are often made on “no’s” not “yes’es.”

PISCES: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 8th House of Rebirth. Feeling intense, lately? I bet! This New Moon, you’re tasked with clearing your space of anything that’s not relevant to the reality you want to experience. Release what no longer serves you, and tap into a new energetic field that matches your preferred reality. Joining forces with others — or cutting yourself off from others — is a theme. Retrograde Venus is transiting your 9th House of Expansion. You may find entrepreneurial, publishing, teaching or broadcasting opportunities from the past show up again. By November, you’ll have a good idea about how you want to grow along with the universe.

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Happy Pisces New Moon / St. Patrick's Day Horoscopes!


Top o' the mornin' or evenin' to ya! We have a very special New Moon in Pisces today, one that will wash away the previous astrological year and get us ready for a fresh start in Spring!

The New Moon's close alignment with Chiron, the wounded healer, makes healing a theme. Mars' trine to Uranus and its square to the New Moon can provide a clean break from the past, and launch us into a more feel-good state -- the basis of which can create a new reality. Use this New Moon to give your life a new storyline! To see how this New Moon will affect your "lucky stars," check out your sign and/or rising sign below!

ARIES: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your 12th House of the Subconscious. Since in life we get what we subconscious are by virtue of like attracting like, use the next month to adapt your belief systems to your desires. What do you want to experience this spring? More love? Money? Vitality? Visualize yourself having already achieved your aim, note how it feels, then take action from this stance. Your subconscious is very open now to your suggestions! Saturday night, your ruling planet Mars will join Saturn and Pluto in the career sector of your chart until May 16. You will be given extra energy to put toward your professional aims. Consider what goals you want to achieve by summertime, use the New Moon to convince your subconscious that it's happening, and take action! 

TAURUS: The New Moon transits your 11th House of Hopes, Wishes and Friends. Because you're so practical and grounded, sometimes you don't allow yourself to "think big." This new moon will give you a permission slip to think, "Why not?" Why shouldn't you have whatever makes you happy? You're worth it. Whatever gets you excited is a big hint to what you're supposed to do. Your friends and community can be very helpful in reaching your goals; you'll be able to gain much from your tribe (or find a new one) under this new moon. With Pluto, Saturn and Mars in earthy Capricorn, hitting your Ninth House of Expansion, you have the power, discipline and gung-ho to make this a banner year! Keep in mind the maxim "change is stability." 

GEMINI: The New Moon in Pisces will be hitting your 10th House of Career/Status, making now the time to move toward your short-term professional goals. What do you love to do and what do you do best? Career jumps are likely over the next month, as is leveling up in the career you're already in. Saturday night, action hero Mars joins Pluto and Saturn in your 8th House of Rebirth. It's likely you'll be fired up about what you want in your life and what you want out! With Mercury's Retrograde on March 22, though, make sure you've been leading up to the changes you want to make i.e., that they're not suddenly coming up "out of the blue." With your ruling planet, Mercury, and Venus in a supportive sextile to your Sun, what's logical and feels right should be clear. 

CANCER: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your 9th House of Expansion. Over the next month, you'll find opportunities to expand in whichever areas you like. Do you want to make a big move? Travel more? Take a class and expand your knowledge? With Saturn, Pluto and soon Mars in your 7th House of Partnerships, a partner-in-crime may be helpful in your expansion. Your partnerships, however, will be going through a testing period. If your partner is going through a rough patch or is more feisty over the coming weeks, try not to take it personally. Still, the name of your game over the next month is expansion, so don't play small for the sake of your partner or make allowances that jeopardize your growth. Relationships should make you stronger and help you be all that you can be.

LEO: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your 8th House of Rebirth, which means changes are on the horizon. Over the next month, there's likely to be transitions -- some that just happen and some that you initiate. Trust this metamorphosis and go with the flow. With Uranus, Mercury and Venus in fellow fire sign Aries, you're poised to experience more excitement and joy. On Saturday, as Mars joins Saturn and Pluto in your 6th House of Daily Activities, you may find a new start easier by throwing yourself into work or a new daily practice. Thus, this is a great time to find a new job, make strides on projects, and start a new exercise regimen. The "new you" you're becoming needs a new routine, supportive of the self you want to become. 

VIRGO: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your 7th House of Partnerships. This is a great time to deepen the connections you have, and create new ones both personally and professionally. On Saturday, when Mars joins Saturn and Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn, you'll start taking your fun seriously with your 5th House of Pleasure all lit up. Between these 7th and 5th House transits, love and romance is in the air! Finding love or deepening the love you have is supported. As the Sun moves into your 8th House of Rebirth on March 20, you'll want to release any outmoded beliefs, situations, and people. The next 33 days is likely to be a cathartic time that is simultaneously fun and exciting. Join forces with the right people and make magic happen! 

LIBRA: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your 6th House of Health and Work, making this a great time to create a new day-to-day life for spring. Do you want a new job or project? Desire to level-up your fitness regimen? This is the month to do it! Think about what excites you, and let this inform how you should spend your days. On Saturday night, Mars joins Pluto and Capricorn in your 4th House of Home and Family. Home improvements may be underway, or you may even start the process of searching for a new living space. If it's not your physical home that's getting better, it could be your emotional space: Perhaps it's time to burn away anything that's undermining your sense of internal security, or start new self-care program that gives you an unparalleled sense of peace, like yoga, exercise or meditation. Under this influence, you may be inclined to "save the day" for a family member or friend. Being the hero/heroine, if you have the wherewithal to do so, may give you the "warm and fuzzies" inside, a great way to experience this transit.   

SCORPIO: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your 5th House of Fun and Pleasure! If you've been "all work and no play" lately, this is the new moon to get your priorities straight! The 5th House rules over anything you really love -- recreation, romance, your children and creative projects. What will give you your greatest sense of joy, Scorpio? What really excites you? This is the month to go all out! On Saturday night, Mars will join Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, lighting up your 3rd House of Communication. You may want to start/restart a writing project, take a class, or just get more social. You're likely to be in high demand, so make sure you know how you want to spend your days before your calendar gets hijacked. This new communications cycle you're entering is also great for making new connections, dating, and exploring new places and ideas with your partner (or a new one). You'll also be in a really good space to express how you feel and what will make you happy -- just make sure you do so diplomatically, which is not always easy with warrior Mars in your 3rd House!.

SAGITTARIUS: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your 4th House of Home and Family. This is a great time to make sure your abode feel as comfy and cozy as possible. This could mean moving, or enjoying a Bed, Bath & Beyond shopping spree! It's what the home represents that is most important during this transit: Are you feeling emotionally secure? Perhaps upleveling your self-care is in order, and you wish to invest in a better diet, weekly massages or some other self-care regimen. You may also want to use this transit to spend more time with friends and family as to feel more connected. Sometimes, too, what makes us feel more secure is a financial cushion, and with Mars joining Saturn and Pluto in your 2nd House of Money, you'll have the drive to reach your financial goals. Be careful, though -- Mars in the 2nd House can also burn a hole in your pocket! If you already have a surplus, by all means spend away but making yourself feel more secure is the best use of this transit -- responsibility is freedom. 

CAPRICORN: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your 3rd House of Communication. Your day-to-day goings-on are likely to change over the next month, casting the dice to improve your social life and daily interactions. The Third House doesn't rule "friends," per say, but more so acquaintances. Taking a class or enjoying a new activity may be a great way to meet new people while taking up a subject or hobby. Meanwhile, on Saturday night, you'll have Mars joining Pluto and Saturn in your sign until May 16. With Mars in your sign, you will have ample energy to put toward whatever you want -- a perfect way to start spring! On March 22, Mercury goes retrograde, though, so it's best to move forward with initiatives that have been germinating for awhile. Mars in your sign gives you extra energy and courage; just make sure you're not being too fiery and aggressive! Starting a new workout regimen may help you leverage the Mars energy and channel it toward your goals most effectively. 

AQUARIUS: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your Second House of Finance. New financial opportunities are likely to come your way over the next month. Just remember to keep top of mind the "best case scenarios" and how careers are often made on "no's" not "yes's". Nevertheless, on Saturday night Mars will join Saturn and Pluto in your 12th House of Sacrifice, so you may serve yourself well by taking a supporting or background role in helping others; now's not the best time to promote your own agenda. Your imagination and intuition will be off the charts, so make room in your life for creativity. Also, use Mars' energy to destroy any negative beliefs or thought patterns that may be in the way of your growth; in order to do something, you have to first believe that you can do it! This transit is gearing you up for when Mars enters your sign on May 16 -- you'll be busy-busy then, so take the time out now while you can!

PISCES: This is YOUR new moon, Pisces, as it's transiting your First House of Identity! You'll have a great opportunity to reinvent yourself and any area of your life. When mapping out your ideals, remember to think big: Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune, is in compatible Scorpio, ready to offer blessings to your endeavors. Meanwhile, on Saturday night Mars joins up with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, hitting your 11th House of Hopes, Dreams, and Friends, further emphasizing this "think big" theme. Additionally, the 11th House rules "like-minded people" -- those you'll find in groups and friendships, so if you're looking to find or expand your tribe, now's the time! Your community and friends can give you a lot of collective energy and support -- not to mention the actual connections that on a practical level can help make your greatest hopes and dreams come true. 



The Astrology of Celebrity Big Brother 2018 (US)

celeb bb.png

This February, CBS gave the US their very first season of Celebrity Big Brother. Far from being just a Reality TV guilty pleasure, Big Brother is a fascinating sociological experiment. It’s an exploratory of human nature in which psychological, sociological, and astrological insight can be revealed.

What follows is an analysis of the Houseguests’ charts, and how their aspects played out in the game. In most instances, the Houseguests’ times of birth are not known, preventing us from drawing a complete chart; however we can still glean insights into their characters with just their birthdate information.

CLAIM TO FAME: Steve Hardy mistakenly announced her as Miss Universe 2015
SUN SIGN: Capricorn
MOON SIGN: Most likely Taurus
In addition to her athleticism (Sun conjunct Mars), Ariadna’s Mercury conjunct her Venus helped her game. Mercury, the planet of communication, next to loving Venus made her charming, gracious and polite, keeping her mostly on everyone’s good side throughout the game. With the dominance of earth in her chart, she remained grounded and kept a cool head, never acting out from an emotional place. By being “everyone’s darling” while maintaining a level of emotional detachment and distance, she was able to bring herself to the final four.

CLAIM TO FAME: Real Housewife of Beverly Hills
SUN SIGN: Scorpio
As a double Scorpio (Sun and Rising), Brandi’s not everyone’s cup of tea — “abrasive” is often used to describe her. But it’s not malicious, so much as expressive: Brandi’s Uranus (planet of shock-value) conjuncts Venus (creativity), making her creative expression shocking; it's her style. Success in the house sometimes requires fakery, but Brandi cannot be fake about her feelings; not only is this a Scorpio thing, but her Pisces moon harmoniously trines her Sun in Scorpio, creating a flow between her feelings and her self-expression. From the get-go, she did not like James; she accused him of being cocky and insulted him every chance she got. But was he really that cocky? I think with Brandi’s Uranus (flashes of insight) next to her Venus (taste), along with her psychic Sun and Moon, that her dislike for James was more of an intuitive response to his energy — i.e., he reminded her of someone else. Interestingly, both James and Brandi’s ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, have Leo ascendants and earth sign moons at early degrees.

CLAIM TO FAME: Musician and actor; star of Nickelodeon’s show and boy band of the same name, Big Time Rush
SUN SIGN: Cancer
Being the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, Cancer, with a stellium (three planets plus his South Node and Chiron) in the 12th House of Retreat, James did damn well in the house. Someone with a packed 12th House needs quiet time alone; they are not cut out to be ON 24 hours a day. However, James also has a Leo rising which makes him a proud showman. He also has a earthy Taurus moon, which levels out his emotionality to a certain extent. Arguably the strongest athlete in the house, the physical challenges were likely James’ saving grace: they gave him an outlet through which he could channel the gazillion emotions he was likely experiencing. It’s one thing to be strong when you’re detached, but quite another when you feel things so intensely.

CLAIM TO FAME: Frontman of the 90s band Sugar Ray; co-host of Extra
SUN SIGN: Pisces
Just like Ariadna, Mark’s Mercury (communication) is close to his Venus, making him likeable, agreeable and diplomatic. He’s still a fighter (Mars conjunct North Node) yet his instinctual reaction is to keep the peace (Libra moon), demonstrated perhaps by his propensity to keep the house clean and provide diplomatic defense to his allies when necessary. Perhaps part of his success in this reality show was staying outside of reality: His Pisces sun (“Nothing is real to a Pisces”) and its harmonious trine to Neptune, the planet of illusion, likely helped him drift in and out of reality long enough to not take the game too seriously, and thus not be perceived as a viable threat.

CLAIM TO FAME: NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers
SUN SIGN: Scorpio
Metta is naturally a live wire: Uranus (the planet of rebellion) conjuncts his explosive Scorpio sun (self-expression), and he’s prone to do this in physical ways (Virgo moon). Before he changed his name, this aspect show up a lot in his wild lifestyle. Now displaying a gentler side, Metta runs a basketball camp for kids, advocates for mental health and PETA, and uses his star power to help charities. All this feel-good love energy is great, but not ideal for the Big Brother game, thus Metta wasn’t especially competitive. He seemed not very engaged, wanting to go home from almost the very start. I think that Metta still has a lot of fight in him, but like many athletes, doesn’t know how to channel his competitive nature in a way that isn’t entirely physical. Plus, he may want to keep his competitive nature under wraps in this new segment of his life which is all about home and family. Perhaps it was his heart-centered priorities that made living in the Big Brother house so difficult for Metta. The six-foot-seven champion sought solace with a stuffed owl, which further shows his spiritual side: Sometimes sprit can put themselves into objects as a way to offer protection or support to people on earth. There’s no doubt in my mind that Metta’s spirit guides or angels from the other side were helping him throughout the game by giving him energy through that stuffed owl. His sign of Scorpio rules death, making him more receptive to help from those beyond this world.

CLAIM TO FAME: Played Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show.
Though the most competitive sign of the zodiac (Aries), Keisha wasn’t particularly driven in the Big Brother house. This was most likely because she had trouble pumping breast milk to send to her one-year-old daughter, and that was stressing her out. Keisha has a stellium (3 or more planets) in her 5th House, indicating an area of focus in her life. The 5th House rules both games like Big Brother and children. Though pre-motherhood she probably would have played a mean game, her 5th House stellium is now being activated by a child. With a Scorpio rising, Keisha is very all-or-nothing, and with her sun and other key planets now progressed into home-loving Taurus, it’s no wonder that she felt so compelled to leave the house. It's possible that she sabotaged herself earlier in the game by aligning with Omarosa, subconsciously or consciously hoping to get kicked out.

CLAIM TO FAME: Retired mixed martial artist and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Widely credited for making MMA mainstream.
SUN SIGN: Sagittarius
The most fiery of the Houseguests (astrologically, anyway), Chuck is a dangerous enemy — but not necessarily in the Big Brother house. His fighting style is explosive with his Sun’s square to Pluto, which works well in a fight but not in the Big Brother house, where volcanic energy needs to be released carefully over the course of weeks and covertly at that. Additionally, Chuck’s Sun square Pluto indicates an overprotective personality, as if there’s something vulnerable within him to protect. Thus, the self-expressive component he needed to build trust and alliances was hindered; the Houseguests may not have trusted Chuck for no good reason at all, just having picked up on this energy. With Chuck, what you see is what you get; he simply isn’t built to manipulate. Besides, nothing pisses off a Sagittarius more than a mind-fuck; had he been more engaged in the game and more accessible to be manipulated, he might have been dangerous — which wouldn’t have been a first in Big Brother history. He probably disengaged and detached from the game early on, because its concept can conflict with his strongest values, those of friendship, trust, loyalty and truth.

CLAIM TO FAME: Sex bomb from American Pie. 
MOON SIGN: Capricorn
If Shannon wasn’t so damn perfect (or didn’t come across that way) she could have won the game. Shannon's eviction may be attributed to the predominance of earth in her chart which can make one's communications come off as staccatosharply detached and separated. If she had more water in her chart (or incorporated more into her personality), she would have been able to move people to her way of thinking and feeling. As a double earth sign, she’s probably not comfortable with her emotions, and when the dam bursts, there’s no control, it’s humiliating, and she feels defeated. It’s heartbreaking, because Shannon tried so damn hard. As a prone-to-overcompensating Virgo, Shannon sometimes didn't know when to get off the bus: in a competition she put together a 16-letter word while some of the Houseguests couldn't make any. With her Capricorn moon, the word responsibilities actually sums up her emotional nature: She felt she had to do all the work for her alliance, and this backfired because her athletic and intellectual prowess pummeled and threatened the competition. Had she not taken the game (and games within the games) so seriously, she would have been more flowy and creative, and could have won.

CLAIM TO FAME: Reality TV villainess (The Apprentice); President Trump’s former Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison
SUN SIGN: Aquarius
With a nightmarish reputation preceding her, Omarosa did damn well in the Big Brother house, being part of the final five. Lady O has a Libra Ascendant, which typically means she comes across as pleasant and nice to be around. And though this really doesn’t describe her, she was more this way on Big Brother than on any other format (Ross called her a “delight” early in the season). Pluto, the planet of power, is at the exact degree of her ascendant, giving her a formidable and polarizing presence, eliciting either love or hate from others. With her Leo moon, she is petrified of rejection, and therefore would rather give someone a reason to hate her as opposed to having her heart rejected. All this withstanding, Omarosa took the plunge and at times showed us a charming, likable, “delightful” side of her which felt like the heavens opening, giving us all salvation. This different side she expressed helped her stay in the Big Brother game. She probably would have won had she been more covert about the “seeds of doubt” she planted in the Houseguests’ minds, instead of causing trouble so overtly. But Omarosa is a very smart woman; she knows she’s ratings gold, and that Leo moon of hers knows that her behavior has to be big and obvious in order to get top billing. Additionally, to have placed first, Omarosa could have created stronger emotional connections in the house; I think there’s a way she could have expressed her vulnerable side, while keeping front of mind that it was gameplay — this would have kept her, in actuality, invulnerable. Yes, she did show tears which was great, but her moments of genuinely connecting with the other Houseguests were few and far between: If she had shown that she’s just as much of a lover as she is a fighter, her star-power alone would have won the game.

CLAIM TO FAME: Tony Award-winning Actress of Hairspray on Broadway
SUN SIGN: Aquarius
MOON SIGN: Most likely Aquarius
Marissa won Celebrity Big Brother most likely due to her Jupiter-Venus conjunction. Jupiter expands whatever planet it touches; this not just makes one extremely likable with a kind and generous heart, but also makes one lazy: A Jupiter-Venus person loves pleasure so much, that effort can be difficult — they’d rather just enjoy themselves. And that’s how she won the game: She tried only when it mattered, and spent a lot of her time in the house coasting on Ross’ strategy without getting her hands dirty. With her Mars in Sagittarius, Marissa’s fighting style always keeps the big picture in mind i.e., she knew at the end the other Houseguests would be voting on who won the grand prize. With three planets in Capricorn, Marissa also knows (if only subconsciously) how to get others to do her bidding. She’s a genius double-Aquarius and avid Big Brother fan and, at the same time, just as sweet and pure as she comes across. At the end of the day, she had more fun than Ross (he was doing the strategizing and spearheading) and her laid-back, non-threatening demeanor worked. In part, her winning is due to personal, non-game-centric priorities: she’s a socially sensitive Aquarian who really wants to be liked by everybody. Whether it was strategic or not, she found in Ross the perfect fall guy to get her to the final two and shield her from the jury’s upset at the end to win the grand prize.

CLAIM TO FAME: “Ross the Intern” on The Tonight Show; panelist on Hollywood Today Live, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Live from E!
MOON SIGN: Scorpio
Just like Ariadna and Mark, Ross’ Mercury conjuncts Venus, though his is in Libra, making him even more charming, gracious and polite. His diplomacy and consideration of others is even further emphasized by his Libran sun. In addition to relationships, the sign of Libra also rules competition, making natives fierce yet fair competitors. Fueling this competitive spirit is Ross’ moon in Scorpio, which is not as nicey-nice as Libra. Scorpio sees life as a battle to be won, whereas Libra sees life more to be enjoyed. Scorpio is a Fixed sign, suggesting that when Ross aligns his emotions with a desired outcome—i.e., winning the game — that he will be constant, enduring and unwilling to let go. Thus, this Scorpionic intensity underneath his sweet, genuine Libran exterior made Ross a wolf in sheep’s clothing. When the other Houseguests realized this — that they’d been out-maneuvered — they were too butt-hurt to view his gameplay objectively and award him the grand prize. Even Marissa said that she wouldn’t have gotten to the end had it not been for Ross masterminding the game. For a lot of Libras, they can do everything right and still not win; that's because they can be so damn good, that they make others feel bad. The majority of the jury felt duped by Ross, and they punished him for playing such a good game. Justice had been served, however: Ross won “America’s Favorite Houseguest,” helping him realize that he was indeed not the “villain” but perhaps the best Houseguest Big Brother has ever seen. 

Suffering and Success: The Astrology of Kurt Cobain


February 20, 2018 marked what would have been the 51st birthday of Kurt Cobain. The frontman of Nirvana brought alternative rock to the mainstream, giving millions of people a voice when they felt they had none. In analyzing Kurt’s chart to better understand him, we can see why he made such a great impact. His story may help us make a bigger impact as well.

Pisces Sun
Pisces is the most spiritualized, evolved last sign of the zodiac, appearing at the end of the 12 signs. Having gone around the whole zodiac wheel to experience many lifetimes, Pisces are sort of over it. Thus, they’re prone to escaping their earthy conditions — through art, music, drugs, et. al. — to achieve a state of nirvana: i.e., oblivion to care, pain or external reality.

Though a Pisces, Kurt’s Sun and Mercury shone in his Sixth House, the House of Service, an earthy house that is ruled by Pisces’ opposite sign, Virgo. This energy — analytical, painstaking, perfectionistic — was further emphasized by Kurt’s Virgoan ascendant, which pertains to his life approach. Though his talent may have come easy, Kurt worked and drove his band-members hard, requiring them at the beginning to practice at least five times a week. So much of what came out of the band came out of Kurt’s head — lyrics and music, yes, but also music video concepts and album cover artwork, a lot of which he drew himself. He was an extremely hard working individual; perhaps even a workaholic.

Pluto Opposing Mercury in the Sixth House
Workaholic tendencies can be magnified to the point of obsession when Pluto opposes Mercury in the Sixth House, as it did in Kurt’s case. Though on its own Mercury is at home in the Sixth House, it may challenge the native’s nerves and mental health, creating considerable inner pressure and tension. The view of the world can be rather bleak, seen as a place where disorder, pain and problems are rapidly multiplying. Social problems may have felt personal to Kurt with this placement, particularly with his Piscean Sun that feels emotionally connected to All.

Sun Trine Mars
Kurt’s Mars was at 1° Scorpio; his Sun, 1° Pisces, creating an exact trine (120° aspect) that gives heroic-like energy a clear path to Kurt’s Sun, his mode of expression. With so much energy, Kurt was labeled as hyperactive and rebellious, causing him to be shuffled around a lot throughout his childhood. Yet, it was this abundance of energy he channeled into work that allowed him to create so much: loved-ones recall leaving him when he was on the couch, only to return to find him having drawn a painting or written a song. Kurt was not just a creator; he had to create. Had he not created so much art in his life, perhaps he would have left us even sooner.

Grand Water Trine
Three planets (Jupiter, Neptune and Venus) form 120° aspects with each other, creating a nearly perfect equilateral triangle in the middle of Kurt’s chart. Such an aspect symbolizes special advantages Kurt enjoyed in his lifetime — a harmonious flow of water energy (talent, inspiration, artistry). When young, he could draw Mickey Mouse perfectly from memory; his grandfather had thought he had traced Mickey, but Kurt proved he didn’t by then drawing Donald Duck and Goofy on the spot. The water of this trine does not only grant the native incredible talent in art and music, but other “watery” traits, too —e.g., sensitivity, compassion and empathy — perhaps to a debilitating extent. Such a sensitive figure may have only felt good when the people around him felt good, which can lead to losing oneself in the process of trying to make others happy.

Saturn, Venus and Chiron in the Seventh House of Partnerships
Saturn represents challenges in the chart. Saturn in Kurt’s Seventh House of Partnerships likely made relationships feel heavy to him — as if they were a lot of work, and not the kind that came easy, like his art and music. Venus was also in his Seventh House: a great placement for being lucky in love, but within two degrees of Saturn and Chiron, representing woundedness, Venus’ blessings here are thwarted. Saturn cuts off energy; in this instance, severing or at least limiting the love energy from Venus. Likewise, with Chiron in his Seventh House, Kurt came into this world with woundedness in the realm of love. Chiron’s position within two degrees of Venus can bring insecurity in relationships, along with guilt, subservience and pain.

North Node in Scorpio, Eighth House
Ironically, this placement often portends a long life, perhaps even one of 100 years or more. This calls attention to how everything in life is a matter of both fate and free will. With this placement, ventures are sometimes undermined by circumstances beyond the native’s control (e.g., his parents’ divorce in 1975, further discussed below). An old-timey caution of the North Node in the Eighth House is to beware of losses brought on “by a woman with loose morals.” Further, someone with this placement would have to watch out for soaring flight followed by crash and burn. This echoes Kurt’s suicide note which read, “Better to burn out than to fade away.”

Cancerian Moon and Jupiter in the Tenth House of Status
Kurt’s Cancerian moon made him sensitive; its placement in his Tenth House of Status made him particularly sensitive about his place in the world. He was said to be deeply fearful of ridicule and rejection, which perhaps further incentivized him to work so hard. With Jupiter in the Tenth House, fame is made possible, yet with the fluctuating moon there, it can be fleeting (though it can also reappear). Maybe Kurt feared there was a winter ahead of him professionally that he could not bear. Did he believe he wouldn’t be loved without his status? Could he love himself without it?

Pluto and Uranus in the Twelth House of the Subconscious
With both Pluto and Uranus in Kurt’s Twelfth House of the Subconscious, Kurt likely suffered from both emotional and mental trauma respectively. The emotional and mental trauma Kurt suffered could have been brought in from previous lifetimes, experienced when he was in his mother's womb, or endured and repressed when he was a baby, child, or young adult. Some of the traumas could have been collective as well: being under the empathic sign of Pisces, Kurt may have experienced the traumas of the world, which allowed him to create music that connected with so many.

The problem with subconscious trauma is that all of it may never get released, and more may be piled upon it, as the pain-sublimate process persists. But the pain experienced has to go somewhere, and that’s when people experience dis-ease. Every physical symptom has a spiritual root. Kurt experienced excruciating, undiagnosable stomach problems. Stomach problems are linked with not being able to digest something metaphorically (“I just can’t stomach this”). Perhaps it was the unprocessed emotional and mental trauma that caused Kurt’s debilitating stomach problems. Or perhaps it was an inability to speak up about his emotional needs.

1975 — Kurt’s Parents’ Divorce
It’s been said that Kurt’s parents’ divorce “ripped his world apart.” During 1975, the year of the divorce, transiting Saturn (the planet that limits and restricts) was at the same exact degree as his natal moon, the most sensitive part of the chart ruling the mother. When Saturn contacts the moon, it’s like having the pacifier being ripped out of your mouth. Saturn, due to its cutting nature, can sever the energy it contacts. Kurt’s parents’ divorce resulted in his mother not being able to keep him. He was given to his dad’s new family, then to his grandparents, and then back to his mom again. It’s been said that Kurt just wanted to be back with his mom, but her new husband had problems with Kurt. All the rejection Kurt experienced perhaps drove his ambition to be accepted by the world.

Kurt and Courtney
One of Kurt’s most significant relationships was with Courtney Love. When we compare their charts, we can see why their union seemed so intense. Courtney’s Saturn at 4° Pisces is within only three degrees of Kurt’s 1° Pisces Sun. Saturn, with its restricting nature, conjuncting Kurt’s Sun is not an easy relational aspect: The Saturn person (Courtney) can dominate, control and repress the Sun person (Kurt), and he may experience lowered vitality and self-confidence if with the Saturn person for too long. Then again, that authoritarian pressure that Courtney may have provided perhaps filled a void for Kurt, considering the parental rejection he experienced in early childhood.

Another interesting aspect of Kurt and Courtney’s astrology is their Sun-Moon connection. Courtney’s Sun at 17° Cancer is within only four degrees of Kurt’s 13° Cancerian Moon. The Sun is the masculine force; the Moon is the feminine one. Whenever someone’s Sun sign is on your Moon sign, you’re going to feel overpowered by them, as a most powerful energy (the Sun) is connecting with the most vulnerable one (the Moon). The Moon person in such a relationship (Kurt) will usually be the more moody, sympathetic, and passive partner, and usually play a supportive or submissive role to the Sun person (Courtney). This may have strained their relationship — Kurt not being on the receiving end of the support, while having the lion’s share of the responsibility. That being said, Courtney is under the sign of Cancer — an extremely nurturing sign — and she has a relationship-oriented Libra rising: with these aspects, it’s likely she nurtured Kurt as best she could.

Police announced that the time of Kurt’s death was at 7pm on April 5, 1994. On this day, the transiting North Node of destiny was at 24° Scorpio, making an exact conjunction to Kurt’s Neptune. This aspect gives rise to confusion; one’s judgment can be off, and drugs and alcohol issues may surface. Further, Kurt was likely going through a moment of dissolve: Something was bound to dissolve around him during that time. Though it wound up being his life, his marriage, career, close friendships, too, could have been facing dissolve.

What’s interesting, too, is that on this day, transiting Mercury, the planet of communication, was at 24° Pisces, hitting Kurt’s 24° degree Chiron (woundedness) exact. It’s likely that on or around this day, some communications deeply hurt Kurt — the kind that opens up old wounds. Did someone say something that wounded him? Did he overhear something that someone said? Perhaps we’ll never know, nor do we need to in order to realize that Kurt was deeply hurt at this time.

Saturn during this time, too, was making a trine to Kurt’s Second House South Node in Scorpio. The South Node represents our past, and though it can be used to fuel the North Node’s destiny, it’s important not to rest there. Kurt’s South Node in the Second House may have made him self-possessive in the past; it seems he went to the opposite extreme, giving everything he had in the pursuit of making others happy. When Saturn hit his South Node, there may have been an urge to take back what was once his — i.e., his life. Unfortunately, perhaps he felt the only way to reclaim his life was to take it.

In Conclusion
With Kurt’s incredible talent, coupled with his drive and overcompensatory work ethic, he was able to achieve more than most. He achieved too much, too fast, perhaps. It’s likely that he didn’t have the emotional foundation needed to handle the additional pressure that achievement created. Success became a prison. More responsibility would have invariably followed, especially upon completion of Kurt’s Saturn Return (the astrological step into adulthood) at 30 years old. Though a stronger emotional foundation may have helped Kurt handle his life better, if he had received the love and acceptance he needed early on in his life, perhaps he wouldn’t have been so driven to achieve.

The balance for ourselves may be to see life as a journey of contrast. By knowing what we don’t want (e.g., rejection) we are informed of what we do want (e.g., acceptance). But always, going outside of ourselves for that fulfillment first creates new problems. We need a strong emotional foundation — a strong sense of internal security — so that which we seek in life enhances our already-satisfied life experience. We can’t expect external circumstances to change deep rooted internal problems.

If we look at Kurt’s Solar Return chart in 1994 prior to his death, there’s some advice that may have been helpful: Focus on deepening your sense of internal, emotional security, with the Cancer rising; embrace inner transformation — a blowing up of the old self to release the pressure — with his Sun’s square to Pluto; express yourself even at the expense of your public, creating what you want to, not what’s expected, with his Moon conjuncting his North Node in the Fifth House. Though it’s too late for Kurt now, it’s not too late for us to be inspired by his music and his life, as to help keep his star — and ours — always shining.

Eclipse Wisdom: Upgrades For Your Sign

On January 31 and Feb. 15, we will have a Lunar and Solar Eclipse, respectively. Eclipses are meant to help us evolve, and therefore may mark major turning points in our lives. To see what areas of your life may be affected by the eclipses, and how you can use them to upgrade your life, read your sign and/or rising sign below.

ARIES: Axis of Self-Expression and Hopes, Dreams & Like-Minded People.The eclipses will transit your 5th/11th Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°).Your authentic, joyful self-expression is the best way you can serve humanity; this authentic path of childlike freedom is the most direct route to happiness. Over the next two weeks, ask yourself what makes you happy, and how this correlates to your greatest hopes, wishes and dreams. Further, let your self-expression serve the masses or your community.

TAURUS: Axis of Emotional Self-Trust and Achievement/Honors. The eclipses will transit your 4th/11th Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). The more at-home within the self you feel, the higher you can climb. It is through your emotional self-trust that others will trust you, which leads to high status. Over the next two weeks, distance yourself from anything that makes you feel uneasy. Focus on what makes you feel good and develop within a sense of peace and calm; then advance toward your short-term goals.

GEMINI: Axis of Learning and Expansion. The eclipses will transit your 3rd/9th Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). It’s through learning and processing information that we develop our beliefs and “big-picture” world-view. Over the next two weeks, develop more positive self-talk to feed your subconscious and support your aspirations. Further, investigate realms that you find interesting — take a class, read, learn, write, teach — and allow the information to inform yours and others’ ideologies for better understanding.

CANCER: Axis of Security and Rebirth. The eclipses will transit your 2nd/8th Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). In life, we’re constantly asked to decide what is worth holding on to and what needs to be released. Over the next two weeks, consider your values — what makes you feel good about yourself — and consider dropping that which undermines your self-worth. Note that sometimes your values and priorities in life change — that they mustchange — in order to reach higher plateaus of happiness.

LEO: Axis of Self-Identity and Partnerships. The eclipses will transit your 1st/7th Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). Knowing who you truly are — which is akin to who you want to become — is what life is all about; yet, it is through our partnerships that we define who we are through relation and differentiation. Over the next two weeks, consider how your true self can be expressed through your partnerships. Shining fully in your life should light up your partners’ hearts and empower your relationships.

VIRGO: Axis of Self-Undoing and Lifestyle. The eclipses will transit your 12th/6th Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). Spirituality allows your spirit to be free, and it’s your practical day-to-day “systems” that support or hinder the freedom of your spirit. Over the next two weeks, consider what makes your spirit soar, then consider your lifestyle: Does your daily schedule support alignment with your inner being? What needs to be dismissed from your day-to-day to be more in-sync with your highest, happiest self?

LIBRA: Axis of Hopes, Dreams & Like-Minded People and Self-Expression.The eclipses will transit your 11th/5th Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°).Attaining our greatest hopes, dreams and wishes are what will benefit humanity the most. The path to your greatest future and impact can only be achieved through your most authentic self-expression. Over the next two weeks, consider your greatest hopes and dreams; express yourself and share yourself with your world and community to achieve your goals.

SCORPIO: Axis of Achievement/Honors and Emotional Self-Trust. The eclipses will transit your 10th/4th Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). The pinnacle of your success and your legacy should correlate to your private, innermost self. Consider the view from the proverbial “top”: When you look down, can you see how your past created the opportunity for your accomplishments? Over the next two weeks, think about what you can achieve — that you would not be able to achieve — had it not been for your past.

SAGITTARIUS: Axis of Expansion and Communication. The eclipses will transit your 9th/3rd Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). In order to keep happy, we must continuously expand, vibrationally “keeping up with” our aspirations. To do this we must teach what we’ve learned (another way of “emptying our cup”) and learn new things. Over the next two weeks, consider what you can contribute to the energy stream, and what you need to learn in order to grow and keep up with your evolving desires.

CAPRICORN: Axis of Rebirth and Security. The eclipses will transit your 8th/2nd Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). In order to grow, we must release that which we’ve outgrown, while at the same time holding onto that which provides sustenance. Over the next two weeks, consider what makes you feel drained, tired, and frustrated, versus what makes you feel nourished, secure and stable. If you feel the two are the same, make adjustments from a place of more worthiness — have your cake and eat it too.

AQUARIUS: Axis of Partnerships and Self-Identity. The eclipses will transit your 7th/1st Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). Without others, you are not able to be you, as it is through our relations with others that we define ourselves. Over the next two weeks, devote yourself more fully to the partners in your life, giving them the gift of your unique personality. In honoring your partners and caring for them more, you will more fully discover who you are, and realize what new beginnings will be best for you.

PISCES: Axis of Lifestyle and Self-Undoing. The eclipses will transit your 6th/12th Houses (Leo, 11°-Aquarius, 27°). The body does not lie; how you feel physically informs what’s going on with you spiritually. Likewise, the tone of your day-to-day can contribute to your mood. Over the next two weeks, check in with your body and your emotional “set point.” What might you add or subtract to feel as perfect as possible? Remove the pebble from your shoe, as opposed to learning to limp comfortably.

Unforgiven: Tonya Harding’s Astrological WHHHHHYYY?

It was a WHACK heard all across the world: On January 6, 1994, while the moon was in the competitive sign of Scorpio, someone entered Detroit’s Cobo Arena and hit Nancy Kerrigan’s knee after her practice skate for the U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

A Quick Recap [no pun intended!]
Kerrigan is actually hit above the knee, which keeps her off the ice for ten days. She’s not able to compete on January 8th, and Harding wins the U.S. Figure Skating title and a place on the Olympic team. It’s soon revealed that Harding’s entourage (would-be stars of World’s Dumbest Criminals) was behind the attack, and speculation rose that Harding herself at least knew about it or even orchestrated it. Harding gives a statement saying that she knew about the attack only after the fact, and apologizes for not having told authorities sooner. The United States Olympic Committee wants to keep Harding from competing in the Olympics for ethical misconduct; she threatens lawsuit because she’s “innocent until proven guilty.” Harding gets to compete and takes eighth place; Kerrigan wins silver. Soon after, Harding is found guilty of hindering the investigation; she’s put on probation for three years, fined 160K, and is forever barred from the U.S. Figure Skating Association.

Twenty-four years later, Margot Robbie gives a heroic performance in the movie I, Tonya. The titular character is given more dimension beyond the media’s “evil jealous bitch” portrayal: we see Tonya’s backstory as an abuse victim at the hands of her mother (Allison Janney=perfection) and her on-again-off-again husband Jeff Gillooly. With the advent of the movie, Tonya Harding goes to the Golden Globes and is thanked by winner Janney; she’s profiled by the New York Times, ABC and nearly everyone else. Backlash ensues, people problematizing the celebration of a morally reprehensible Tonya Harding. YET, redemption has been a reoccurring theme over the past few months:

  • Mandy Bass’ Florida home is broken into and she’s beaten to a pulp; she forgives her attacker (he was on drugs = bygones) and pleads on his behalf to avoid prison time; they go on Today and chat with Megyn Kelly.
  • Someone calls Sarah Silverman the c-word on Twitter; she “sees his pain” and uses her celebrity to beef up his gofundme account and offers to pay his medical bills.
  • At a Las Vegas Celine Dion concert, a sloshed fan rushes the stage and dry humps the Canadian singer; Dion coddles her, saying she’s glad she came on the stage. Together, they sing a few bars of I Love You, You Love Me.

The above instances are heralded as new benchmarks, beautiful lessons in compassion, humanity and forgiveness. Having to pay for heinous crimes, verbal assault and ruining a concert for over 4000 (and ostensibly sexually assaulting the singer) is redundant; we assume these people have gone through enough, with their horrible pasts and problems and backstory we know NOTHING about. YET we get an award-winning movie that explains Tonya’s past, she pays for her crimes, and 24 years later, we still hate Tonya Harding. For whatever reason, she’s less redeemable than a violent drug-addled intruder who nearly kills a woman, a misogynistic verbal abuser, and a shitfaced fan who has no boundaries. WHY? It makes absolutely no sense.

But yet it does. Perhaps Tonya Harding better portrays the darker aspects of our personalities; when we see Tonya, subliminally perhaps we see our truths and are not able to skate around them (sorry;).

That’s why astrology is so great. It helps us to understand others and ourselves more. Astrology is based upon archetypes that we all embody to different degrees. The sign of Aquarius, for instance, correlates to the archetype of friendship and community; some of us will resonate more or less strongly with this theme in our lives, yet we all experience it to some extent. Perhaps with the following look at Harding’s astrology, you’ll gain a glimpse into her psyche that perhaps makes her — and us — more redeemable.

Sun in Scorpio
Tonya Harding’s Sun is in Scorpio. (Interestingly, this is Nancy Kerrigan’s moon sign, which depicts one’s secret self.) The sign of Scorpio is often maligned and seen as mean-spirited. Most of my clients are Scorpios, and they are among the most loyal, honest and caring people I know. They are, however, much more in touch with their primal impulses than the rest of us; in Freudian parlance, they are more aware of their id, which corresponds to the pleasure principle of immediate satisfaction. For example, a typical person may think, “That person is cute!” A Scorpio, however, might think “I want to have sex with them.” A typical person may think, “I really don’t like him,” whereas a Scorpio may realize they want to kill them. They may not do either, particularly the latter, but they’re aware of their innermost selves — their hyper emotionality ensures they don’t dismiss the truth. Without enough love, understanding and social feeling, someone with a keen awareness of their impulses may act on them. They may not kill anyone, but they may not hold back when they’re upset, and may not pull punishes in competition — thus, Scorpios’ reputation (a few bad apples spoils the bunch). Perhaps Tonya, and even Scorpios in general, reminds us of our own id that we don’t want to see; or on some level, we’re jealous we can’t be as at peace with it as they are.

Cancer Rising
Tonya Harding has a Cancer rising, indicative of her personality and approach to the world. Cancer is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. They feel everything. It’s often said it’s like they have no skin, their feelings are so raw. If the movie and Tonya’s account of her abusive past are true, her hyper-sensitivity coupled with constant abuse might make any person mad. And it could have been worse: Per FBI statistics, Cancer is the most dangerous sign of the zodiac. Their emotions, perhaps bottled up over time, overcome them; they usually kill because of jealousy.

Taurus Moon
Tonya Harding’s Moon is in Taurus. This Moon appears opposite her Sun (Taurus is the opposite sign of Scorpio); this means that Tonya was born under a Full Moon. The Sun, representative of father, and the Moon, the mother, in opposite signs shows that her parents came from drastically different perspectives. The dichotomy between parents is internalized within the child, and is ideally harmonized with the right conditioning. If not harmonized, the subject is internally at odds with themselves, i.e., satisfying one aspect leaves hungry the other. Further, the Full Moon makes Tonya’s mother — to Tonya — larger than life. If she had really been abused by her mother, her whole world — as she experiences it — would be abusive. This is explored in the movie, as it’s intimated that Tonya perceives herself to be attacked by the world — perhaps because her mother was her world and had attacked her, according to accounts, non-stop both verbally and physically.

Saturn Conjunct Moon
Tonya’s Taurus moon is within one degree of Saturn. Saturn restricts, limits and cuts off energy; in this instance, it cuts off the emotional comforting and nurturing energy of the moon ideally found in one’s mother. If we believe Tonya and the movie’s portrayal, Saturn here is most severe; her mother had not just withheld love, but expressed Saturn’s side as a punishing, cruel dictator.

In her mother’s defense, there had to be some love there. Their family was dirt poor, yet Tonya was still afforded the luxury of lessons that allowed her to skate all the way to the Olympics. And who’s to say that her mother’s strictness and ridiculously high standards (Saturn) didn’t mold Tonya into elite athlete status? Without the self-discipline of Saturn, great achievements cannot be accomplished.

Saturn also represents time. With Saturn so close to her moon, great timing is second nature to her. Thus, it makes sense that she is still one of nine women to have executed a triple-axel during competition. A triple axel is a jump constituted by three-and-a-half rotations in the air; it’s all about timing.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune
We also see that Mercury, the planet of Communication, is at an exact conjunction with Neptune, the planet of illusion. This often gifts the native with great imagination. On the downside, it can indicate mistakes in judgment based on suggestive information; in the movie, her mother tells a young Tonya to not talk to another little-girl skater: “That’s your enemy.” Thus, the die is cast for Tonya’s relationships with other skaters. Further, this aspect can indicate a mental process that re-creates experiences into more acceptable ones to be absorbed by consciousness; this is akin to selective memory which may exclude realities one refuses to acknowledge. If Tonya has lied, therefore, she may actually believe her lies.

North Node in Aquarius, 9th House
The most important thing — irrespective of our pasts — is where we’re going. In our charts, we look to our North Node which is like a guiding star to help us maximize our creative and spiritual potential. With Tonya’s North Node in Aquarius in the Ninth House, her destiny is to better the world through teaching — to tell stories that have universal meaning for global impact. With her South Node in Leo, the fuel for this destiny is wrapped up in a past that is self-focused and even dramatic. Looks like she’s doing that. She’s shared her story, and if we take a closer look, we may be able to learn so very much — about parenting, competition, our pasts, passions, love and more. Already, she’s done more for the world than a lot of other people. In fact, some people have done much worse and haven’t even paid for their crimes. Through the movie, her publicity circuit, and even this article, perhaps in understanding the WHYS of Tonya Harding, we can focus on the HOWS of our lives — how to be our best and achieve greatness without having to pay such a price.

Still Lighting Our Way: The Astrology of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  1. Sun in Capricorn. It's no surprise that the sun was in the steely, strong sign of Capricorn on the day of Dr. King's birth. Natives come from the "School of Hard Knocks"they know that "life is tough" and that "nothing good comes easy." As a result, Capricorns are not afraid of hard work, not deterred when the odds are stacked against them, and not likely to back down in the face of adversity. They are probably the most responsible of all the zodiac signs, and their hard-earned confidence results in respect from others which allows them to lead.
  2. Mercury in Aquarius. Mercury, which governs how we think, in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius is also fitting for Dr. King. Aquarius is an intelligent, inspirational sign that's often said to be ahead of its time. Thus, Aquarius is associated with stars as well as hope. King's communications offered hope, inspiration and direction for a better world. He knew how important it was to inspire the masses, and had the wisdom to know that it's during our darkest times that we can most clearly see what we need. He once said, "Only in the darkness can you see the stars."
  3. Venus in Pisces. Venus, how we love, is "exalted" in Piscesit's love at its highest point. Unconditional love and universal love are tell-tales of this placement. Natives' views of love go beyond what most of us are capable. Pisces is about bringing all things together into one, which reminds me of the "Black and white together" lyric in the gospel/Civil Rights' anthem "We Shall Overcome." Pisces also rules dreamsthe actual dreams we have when we sleep as well as our ideals, recalling Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speechAs we remember Dr. King, let us never give up on our dreams; we must keep them front of mind to create the world as we would have it.
  4. Moon in Pisces. The Moon represents our instinctual reactions; in the sign of Pisces, the moon is extremely sensitive to others' paineven the pain of the world. Pisces moon people can often only bypass this pain and carry on with deep faith. It makes sense that one of Dr. King's favorite gospel songs was "Take My Hand, Precious Lord," as it would take nothing short of a stalwart faith and a higher power to endure the hardship he had, especially as an ultra-sensitive person, as this placement suggests. Further, Pisces is a sign of sacrifice, and King sacrificed much to give us a better worldultimately his life.
  5. Chiron in the Third House. I found this placement of Dr. King's most fascinating. Chiron has to do with a woundedness with which we come into this world. With Chiron in his Third House of Communication, it would appear that speaking wasn't a natural strength of King's, even with his Mars in Gemini, which gives one a passion for words. It's likely that he had to overcompensate to make speaking one of his greatest strengthsa strength that changed the world and still lights our way today.