My background has equipped me to help thousands of people by illuminating their paths and clarifying their circumstances, thus helping them to live richer, fuller lives. The methods I use can help you help others, and help you help yourself in the process. Exponential growth starts here. 

Astrology Classes

The ancient science and art of astrology shows us who we are… our strengths, weaknesses, where we shine, what we’re destined for, plus plenty more. In studying astrology, you will gain knowledge of a universal life code that will help you better direct your destiny and understand others. There is no limit as to what the deep study of astrology can do for you. Astrology classes in Los Angeles or remotely via phone or Skype. 

Tarot Classes

The Tarot is a collection of 78 Cards separated into 22 Trumps called the Major Arcana and 56 suit cards known as the Minor Arcana (Arcana meaning “secrets”). These universal images are embedded in the collective consciousness, thus each one of us will experience the energy in each card many times throughout our lives. In studying the tarot, you will not only gain insight into your own and others’ worlds, but will unlock the secrets to creating a new world as well. 

Become a Joshua Method Practitioner

This is no small undertaking. You will learn the ins and outs of the method I use to help people access their fullest potential. Students will be trained in astrology, tarot, chakras, energy, psychology and effective coaching techniques. Superlative ethical code, stellar work ethic, and an eagerness to help people from the deepest level of your being is required. 

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If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path.
— Budda