As a professional psychic and astrologer (Joshua the Psychic) I've predicted probabilities for clients since 1996. But because life is ruled by both fate AND freewill, the outcome of some situations cannot be foretold: you have to make shit happen. You have to make the decisions that will lead to the desired outcomes; you're here to create your world based on your preferences. This involves vibrating in snyc with your desires and allowing them to unfold.

I've helped clients achieve book deals, fall in love, score promotions, kick ass in their own businesses, move out of unhealthy relationships and into ones that make their hearts soar. I use decades of knowledge, insight and experience to help you create a new story – and we're talking one for the books. If you're ready to expand and maximize your creative potential, we will work quite well together. Contact me below to see what magic we can make happen.

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