Igniting excitement, interest and understanding, the Corporate Astrological Workshop will help participants learn how their behavior and communication styles correspond to others, and how managing those styles can strengthen interpersonal relationships and galvanize the overall success of the organization.

Created by Joshua who has a corporate background, his WAFE™ model provides the perfect foundation to explore behavioral styles, using the four elements in astrology: Water, Air, Fire, Earth. This cutting edge professional development workshop will evoke self-discovery and facilitate understanding that goes beyond participants’ professional lives.

Using the WAFE™ Profile tool, participants will be introduced to a guiding framework for understanding the different behavior styles and how to harmonize with them for success in the workplace.


• Identify the group’s strengths and explore avenues for further development

• Teach individuals to identify and appreciate the traits of their colleagues

• Show how participants can adapt their behaviors in the workplace

• Explain how an overplayed strength can be a weakness and how to achieve an advantageous balance

• Replace problematic habits and patterns with empowering communication strategies

• Minimize unproductive conflict

To ensure a great experience, this workshop may be modified to benefit your group size, group culture, and time available.

Program Details

Group Size: Any

Team Size: Any

Program Length: 2-3 hours

Space Requirement: Varies according to group size. Classroom style or rounds

Physicality: Low

Program Elements

  • Fun, Engaging and Insightful Content

  • Individual and Team Growth

  • Relationship Building

What’s Included

Pricing varies depending upon the number of participants and includes the Astrological Cheat Sheet, prep, production coordination, program design, and the training.

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