here's some of the ways I help people achieve the results they desire.


I'll help you deepen your ability to leverage the Law of Attraction. Well-versed in the teachings of Abraham Hicks, Neville Goddard, Bashar and more, I have advanced to using the principles of Quantum Physics for manifestation. Essentially, I will help you shift your thoughts and beliefs so that your point of attraction (vibration) is aligned with what you want.


  • Natal Chart Analysis: Understand yourself and others thoroughly.
  • Transit Chart Analysis: Leverage the different planetary energies as they touch the different areas of your chart.
  • Relocation Chart Analysis: Find out how you and your circumstances will differ in your new location, or find the perfect location in light of your goals.
  • Progressed Chart Analysis: Used for predictions and depicting changes in your personality and perception.
  • Solar Return Chart Analysis: Each year brings with it specific energies that can used for a most happy birthday year.
  • Lunar Return Chart Analysis: Each month your moon returns to its natal position, turning the tides for you in different areas. Learn how to ride the current for the best results.
  • Compatibility/Synastry Analysis: Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your partnerships for happier relationships.
  • Electional Chart Analysis: Find the most advantageous time to marry, change jobs, send that email, etc.


I am able to see energy blocks in your aura, and can give you the techniques to clear them. (I can also see energy blocks in the people around you.) My goal is to help you feel as perfect as possible, so that you allow the universe to flow through you for more energy and divine inspiration.


With an MFA in Writing and over 20 years of professional writing and editing experience, I am happy to provide writers:

  • Accountability
  • Feedback
  • Proofreading and substantial editing
  • Stylistic and content development


It's pretty advantageous to have a professional psychic (rated highest by Time Out New York) on your team. I am keen to use my gifts when necessary to help you make the decisions condusive to your success.


Though friends' and family members' hearts may be in the right place, they often don't have the objectivity to provide real help and support (they may be directly/indirectly affected by your decision-making). As your coach, I provide the non-judgmental objectivity and confidentiality you need to be entirely open and make the most empowering decisions for yourself.


As part of my coaching, some clients want to learn astrology and tarot, so we incorporate classes into our sessions. Not only can clients apply these amazing tools to their own lives, but they can use the knowledge gained for their own career, should they decide to go into the metaphysical arts.