When Joshua MacGuire left Boston for NYC for an ad job and the agency went under, he had to make money the only other way he knew how: Doing psychic-astrology readings. Unbeknownst to him, one of the people he read was an undercover journalist doing an exposé for Time Out New York. After he received the highest rating, Joshua was on the map: 1000s of readings followed, as well as features with ABC and VH1, and frequent contributions to Popsugar and Bustle. Now in Los Angeles, Joshua offer one-on-one readings globally via phone, Skype, Zoom and in person Los Angeles, and also provides readings as entertainment at parties, events and functions. In 2014, he created The Joshua Method, a results-oriented life coaching program based on Law of Attraction, astrology and other metaphysical techniques. He is also a speaker and workshop facilitator, helping companies and other groups strengthen their relationships and overall success using the science and art of astrology. His mission to bring deeper astrological knowledge into the mainstream so people can reap its rich benefits.

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