The Joshua Method offers traditional life coaching infused by spiritual concepts like astrology, chakras, and energy. 



one-on-one coaching

Passionate about living life with the highest vibration possible? I’ll customize for you a practical, spiritual program to change your energy and manifest your greatest hopes, dreams and ideals.


business coaching

More and more organizations are leveraging astrology to improve business and employee morale. Through workshops and training, we’ll harmonize your company culture and raise its bottom line.


metaphysical classes

If you’re intuitive or think you have prophetic gifts, learning tarot and/or astrology will help you align yourself with your intuition and connect you to universal consciousness to help and heal yourself and others.

A transformative coach to help light your path.


Hi, I am Joshua MacGuire, also known as "Joshua the Psychic." In my career as a professional psychic and astrologer, I have learned that life is determined by two forces: fate, which is predictable, and free-will, which you determine. My job as your coach is to help you with the latter, going beyond the physical to the spiritual to create the shifts conducive to your goals. Together, we’ll work with your astrology, your vibration, your subconscious, and your aura to provide you with the foundation for success in virtually any area of your life.


Headquarterd in Los Angeles, I serve clients globally, either in person or via phone or Skype. All correspondences are completely confidential; all services, customizable. Email or use the form below and we’ll discuss your needs.

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